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Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive Part I

As florists, we talk to many different people with many different budgets every day. We know everyone is different, and that’s why we provide a myriad of packages and plans. The one question we inevitably come back to is “why are wedding flowers so expensive??” You have a flower budget, but when you tell your florist what you want your wedding to look like—the numbers just don’t match up.

There are so many things that go into a florist’s work on any given wedding. Things a person who is not florist just wouldn’t understand, so Audry Chaney of Botanica Floral and Event Design has laid out the whole process in this handy blog. She goes through all of the ways a florist works for you, and what she and her entire team have to do in order to make your most important day an absolute success!

So if you’re still unsure if the cost is worth it, take a look at her handy, helpful, and informative blog.

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