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Why Are Wedding Flowers So Expensive Part II

When deciding the budget for you wedding, you may think you can put flowers at the bottom of the list. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you do, you will probably regret it. Flowers are expensive for a reason…a few, actually.

1. Flowers themselves are expensive. It takes a lot of work to grow a plant until it flowers, the package it and ship it to your local florist. Much of the money you will pay for your florist is going to actually purchase the flowers with which they will create those gorgeous designs you love so much. For example, a small, potted Orchid costs roughly $20-30, and it has just a few blooms. When you see a typical Orchid centerpiece or bouquet, it took at least a couple Orchid plants to achieve that finished product.

2. Flowers are perishable. Those lovely blooms, soft petals, and fluffy foliage is easily images. A florist always has to buy extra flowers and then pick through them to find the most beautiful and most perfect ones. When you see your bouquets and centerpieces, they are only the BEST blooms. The slightly bruised and wilted have been discarded.

3. Flowers are a product and a service. With other parts of your wedding like the DJ service and Coordination services, you are just paying for the service. There’s no product that the vendor has to purchase. With flowers, you are paying for the purchase of the flowers and then also the service of designing the flowers in the exact way that you have decided.

4. Flowers take a team. There are labor costs. One person can’t do this on her own, so there’s a team of people that sort through, care for, and work on the designs for your big day. You can read more about the Behind the Scenes on our Part I of the Why are Wedding Flowers so Expensive series. A typical wedding can take 50-100 hours of labor from picking the perfect blooms, to caring for the flowers, getting the props ready, design work, and transporting the flowers safely and beautifully to your venue the day of.

Hopefully you can see how important and expensive flowers are. We at Vo Floral Design take our job seriously. We love to serve our Brides and Grooms and make their big day more beautiful and magical than they ever dreamed. Please send us an email if you have any questions or would like to inquire.

With Vo Floral Design, you’ll know your flowers are unique, beautiful, and checked off the list with confidence!

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