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Flower Crown Session with Jenny

I think beyond just making arrangements, my second calling is teaching. I absolutely love teaching, and I'm so glad to be able to share my flower passion and skills with other people. As I write this, I am actually preparing for the Love Beneath My Wings workshop, which will be taking place tomorrow! I will get to teach 4-6 individuals how to construct large installations, like the Wings you see in the workshop post. In addition to formal workshops, I really enjoy intimate settings with just a couple people or even one-on-one sessions. My friend Jenny wasn't able to attend my recent flower crown workshop,  so we did a one-on-one session. This was her first time making flower crowns, and she did an awesome job.

One of my favorite things about teaching is the pride that my students have in their final product. That feeling of accomplishment, of having producing something with your own hands - now that's a really special feeling. 

For this lush flower crown, we use some thin gauge wire to hold all our stems and blooms together, which included astilbe, pieris, rice flower, spray roses and some variegated greenery. We tied the ends together with a bit of ribbon for this super cute look.

I really enjoy teaching, so if you're interested in learning but can't make a workshop, feel free to send a private email and we can work out the details.

Trang Vo