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Tutorial: Sherbet Spring Arrangement

Can you tell that I am in love with this sherbet spring palette? I keep coming back to this color again and again. For this arrangement, you will need a low bowl with a wide mouth. As always, prepare the bowl with chicken wire and tape, and fill with water. I begin with layering the greenery, in this case using jasmine vines and chocolate geranium leaves. 

Next, I want to add height and start to fill in the space. Here I use hefty stalk, which will eventually get hidden by all the other blooms. Then, I really start to form the shape of the arrangement, placing poppies at varying heights and in varying planes. The poppies on the rim of the bowl will help define the edges of the arrangement. 

Continue to fill in the space, reinforcing the shape of the arrangement. And always remember to vary the height of adjacent flowers, and remember to face adjacent blooms in different directions. Here I used ranunculus, garden roses, and tulips in a variety of pinks and peaches and yellows. As I am adding blooms, I will also tuck in extra greenery to make sure that some pieces are still visible in the final arrangement.

And here's the final piece. Thanks to the jasmine, it smells incredible. 

This arrangement and color palette were later incorporated into mini shoot I did, so please stay tuned for more pictures soon!


Trang Vo