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Gratitude: Palm Event Center Workshop

Last month, when I announced our floral workshop+shoot, I could not have imagined the overwhelming outpouring of interest and support. I am so grateful for the opportunity and absolutely floored by the number of people who came out to support this workshop - from the attendees, to all the collaborators, to staff persons - over 50 people were involved! It really does take a village! 


To my attendees - I am so deeply humbled that you all came to listen and share in the experience. You traveled far and wide from Cancun, Virginia, Texas, New Orleans, and all over the Bay Area. I hope that you all gained technique and confidence to create large scale installations. I hope you walk away with new skills and experiences to apply to your art, so you don't have to go through the years of trial and error like I did. I hope your businesses grow and that you continue to bring joy to others through your floral masterpieces. And lastly, I hope that we continue in our friendship and support of each other, even when we've returned to all our corners of the continent.


To my collaborators - and there are many of them (full list below). This includes our dress designers, our makeup artists, bakers, rental companies, and many, many more. I want to thank you all for your contributions, your time, energy and talent to make this styled shoot come together so beautifully. As I was teaching, I didn't have the chance to personally thank each and every person, but this workshop could not have been possible without all of you.


I want to thank my guest florists: Dee from Bella Blooms in NOLA, Stephanie from La Belle Fleur Designs and Joie from Luxe Petals in Texas - female entrepreneurs, mothers, and wives, who came to share their experiences with our attendees. Thank you so much!

And of course, where would we be without flowers? A huge thank you to United Wholesale Flowers for sponsoring the most incredible selection of flowers and foliage and garden roses. Everyone loved the selection and variety - it really does make the job of designing so much more enjoyable when the starting materials are so great!

Also, thank you to the Palm Event Center for hosting the workshop. The venue made for a comfortable space and beautiful backdrop for our event. 


And lastly, I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Cali of SmittenKiss. Without her and her team - the styled shoots just wouldn't be possible. A styled shoot takes as much planning and designing as a wedding. And given that we had 3 styles/shoots during the workshop, there were three times the number of details and logistics that Cali and her team had to support. It takes a special talent and a ton of hard work to support all 3 shoots and all the vendors supporting them. Cali - you are the super glue that holds all the pieces together. Thank you for being my co-conspirator, my ally, and my good friend.

All credits are listed below. Please stay tuned for more blog photos with the high-quality photos (and not my iPhone pics!) from our talented photographers!

Wings and Chandelier Shoot

Lotus Shoot

 HoneyComb Shoot

Trang Vo