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Workshop Giveaway & Testimonial

I recently met Kris who booked a workshop with us as a gift for her birthday. She was practicing the principles of “treat yourself” — learning can be self care too! She shared the sweetest testimonial with us, and of course we had to share with all of you. I hope you read her entry and become inspired, because we have a pretty awesome workshop giveaway, so make sure to read to the end for details!

Best. Birthday present. Ever!! 

I attended one of Trang’s workshop as a birthday present for myself and it was the BEST floral workshop I’ve ever been to! 

I’m was blown away by Trang’s practical design methods and hands on correction to adjust my grip; having her right next to me allowed me to grow so much as a floral designer. Doing 1on1 with Trang was way more valuable than any video tutorials and even floral classes I’ve taken in college! Trang’s love for mentoring and teaching shines through as she’s an unbelievably talented designer, but she is so humble and kind that you feel comfortable taking to her like a friend you’ve known forever. 

It’s not just floral designing with Trang, it’s getting fresh perspective from someone who has designed thousands of arrangements in her 15 year floral career. She’s going to teach you how to use your style in a better way. 

After my 1on1 workshop with her, I immediately reserved a spot for her Fall wedding installation workshop because I  knew it’s going to be amazing!! I missed my chance to do it earlier this year because I dilly dallied in my decision and wanted to save up for it, but after knowing how much I’m going to learn from Trang, I was determined to have a spot. If you want to grow your skills as a designer, I’d highly recommend signing up for a workshop with Trang. The confidence and skills you’ll gain by working with Trang will be completely worth it! “

Thank you Trang, I’ve said this and I’m going to say this again: you are one of the sweetest souls in the floral industry. I’m so darn lucky!


I loved that Kris had the workshop 2 days before her birthday, and got to keep the flowers to enjoy on her actual birthday. In that same spirit, I want to share my time and host a private workshop for the Spring babies out there! Meaning, you must have a March, April, May or June birthday to be eligible to enter. This is my birthday gift to the lucky winner.

The workshop is aimed at those want to take the time to perfect their craft. This giveaway is for a 2-hour design session, enough time to work on a bouquet or centerpiece style of your choice. During the session, I will walk the you through my thinking process as I build a bouquet or centerpiece. I will observe and critique your design real-time, and hopefully help you break away from your comfort zone and really adopt these new techniques. As always, you the winner will be responsible for covering the cost of all florals and materials, though I would be happy to go over the process of flower/material selection to create a uniform color palette and an organic garden style. 

Once selected, we can work to find an appropriate date and build a lesson just for you.  Looking forward to meeting you!

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