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Florist Roundtable

During any given week, I get a lot of emails and DMs from other florists asking questions about floral mechanics, techniques, and even business things like pricing and timelines. Everything is fair game, and given the time, I usually love corresponding. However there has been a huge volume lately, and I just can’t answer everyone! As creatives and business owners, we wear so many hats, so communication is usually not the one that gets the highest priority, even though I love doing it! With that said and in the spirit of building community, I want to start hosting a monthly florist meetup. I think this new forum will allow me to answer all your questions in real-time, while also enabling the organic formation of a flower community for us to exchange in dialogue, share stories and learnings, and not feel alone.

I envision us meeting for an hour or two once a month in a small, intimate setting to start. This allows all participants to talk and get their questions answered. I encourage all participants to join with an open and collaborative spirit, and that we learn and share together. I’m sure I have a lot to learn from all of you, just as you have much to share with each other. Think of it as part peer mentoring, part therapy, part socializing session. This is a free resource to everyone. You're welcome to bring snacks or drink to share with the group. If you are Interested in joining our florist roundtable - please fill out your info below.

And lastly, if you do prefer a one-on-one setting for your questions, I also offer I also offer private mentoring sessions, so please check that if you are interested.

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