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Photographer Giveaway

Earlier this week, we announced a giveaway for wedding planners and event designers. Well today, we're announcing a giveaway for wedding photographers! I always love it when I get photos back from an event. Photographers really help us capture the beautiful details of a wedding, and are crucial to the success of any event. Occasionally, however, the photos come back and I cringe a little on the inside. The flowers are cut off or the angle's not right or the bride is holding the bouquet awkwardly. So, I want to hold a one-on-one session where I can teach you, the photographer, about flowers and the best way to capture them.  

This giveaway will allow the winning attendee a chance to create different types of bouquets and centerpieces. We will go over the different types and styles of bouquets, including cascading, hand-tied garden design, wild avant garde design, etc., and how best to style these florals for your bride. All floral designers put a lot of effort into their art, and have cleverly created focal points, 'faces', a clear 'front' and 'back' for every bouquet and centerpiece. We'll cover these topics so you can help your brides look their best by holding their bouquets the most comfortable and photogenic way. Often times when held incorrectly, both bride and bouquet can appear very awkward and want to make sure to avoid that! In addition, we'll talk about flat lays and how best to style different types of flower pieces for photos and other tips and tricks to improve your confidence and comfort with flowers. My gift is the gift of time, but you will be responsible for covering the flower costs. If you are interested, please complete the form below. Looking forward to meeting you!

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