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Second Chances Giveaway

Everyone and everything deserves a second chance. Especially when we talk about flowers. For most events and workshops, we usually purchase 25% more than we need, just in case something goes wrong or if the flowers have a literal meltdown. The excess allows us some wiggle room. And if we’re lucky, we usually still have a lot of leftovers. And after an event breakdown or cleanup, we have even more flowers, pulled from the centerpieces, installations, etc, all of which are still in pretty decent condition, with just some minor bruising and wear and tear. To reduce waste, we have tried to rearrange the leftovers and donate the new bouquets and arrangements to local nursing homes and hospice centers, but oftentime, it’s too much for any facility to handle.

So we’d like to repurpose these flowers for all you floral enthusiasts, who would like flowers to practice with or even adorn your own home with. Depending on availability, you may receive a bucket of flowers, or even a box of mixed flowers. As these are leftovers - some pulled from different installations and centerpieces - they may be in varying stem lengths and even a mix of colors. Even so, I have found that these leftovers are invaluable for hands-on practice, whether you are a seasoned floral veteran or just starting out. All of us could use practice, and these flowers could definitely use a second life.

If you are interested, simply fill out the form below. When we have leftovers after an event, we’ll contact you to come pick up from our studio office in San Leandro. Our only ask is that you share photos of your creations with us - we absolutely love seeing all your masterpieces. Hope to hear from you and here’s to a second chance!

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