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Megan + Zach - Kirigin Cellars

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I want to introduce you to my next lovely couple Megan and Zach, and have Megan retell their love story:

Our love story is not one you would find in a fairytale book or in a movie but to me, Zach has been nothing short of my prince charming from day one. Zach and I first crossed paths in the the least romantic place you can dream up… at a bar in my quant little college town where I was finishing up my last semester at the time. We talked, danced, and laughed the night away ending with an exchange of numbers and a request from Zach to take me on a proper date in the near future. To this day he still claims that night he saw me walk into the bar he knew there was something “special’ about me. It was not long after that night we went on our first date. While the date was amazing I wouldn’t say that our relationship instantly took off from this point. I moved back to my home town, hours away from where he was living at the time, but that did not stop his desire to see things through. Over the few months following our first date Zach drove hours to spend even just a small amount of time together or whisk me off to various dates he had planned in some of the most romantic destinations such as Lake Tahoe and Monterey Bay. However for me I still did not feel that he was “the one” at this point, while he claims he knew this early on.

Ironically as our dating had fizzled out at one point we happened to run into each other at a sporting event, and it was then that something clicked and I finally realized how special to me he truly was. Shortly after our relationship then began to quickly take off. It was around this same time that I introduced Zach to my family for the first time and knew instantly that he was “the one” from the way that he fit so perfectly into our family. From that point forward our love and relationship was nothing short of amazing, light hearted and fast moving. 

As for the proposal, it was too nothing you would hear in most females definition of a fairytale, but for me it was nothing short of perfect. Both growing up around motorcycles and cars Zach chose to propose at a professional motorcycle race, our favorite type of sporting event and one that we look forward to year round. With many of our friends and family surrounding us, Zach got down on one knee as the fireworks went off for the opening ceremonies. It was pure bliss! Since, we have continued to laugh our way together through life’s biggest challenges, triumphs, changes, and of course the stress of planning a wedding!

Lovely couples like Megan and Zach make me so happy! And this gorgeous wedding came together so nicely thanks to a stellar vendor team. For the florals, we stuck to a lovely blush and cream color scheme, with bright greenery to give it that ethereal and garden feel - a classic and timeless look, which like Megan and Zach's love, will transcend all trends and fads and time.

Venue: Kirigin Cellars | Photographer: Robin Jolin | Wedding Planner: Eighteenth Avenue

Trang Vo