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Quyen + Ky - Dynasty Cupertino


It's really special for us when our wedding industry partners get married. Our next bride, Quyen, is a well-known makeup artist here in the Bay Area, and she gets to work with so many talented vendors. The fact that she chose US is a HUGE honor! Not to mention she's super sweet and has great taste. 

Quyen and Ky met through their church's youth group and dated for 15 years before making it official and tying the knot. We asked the couple to describe their favorite moments from the wedding:

"There were so many [favorite moments], I can't possible name them all! That moment where we saw each other for the first time during the morning tea ceremony. When I walked down the stairs and saw him, I started to tear and he had this big smile . At that moment it was just us and felt like no one else was around. 

I literally cried from morning till night. If people didn't know us, they would probably think that I was being forced to get married or something, but they were all tears of pure joy. I cried so much that everyone else around me started tearing up too. It was a very emotional and happy day. And during all these moments, Ky was ready to hand me tissues! 

There were so many more moments that I'm sure we missed, and I can't wait to watch our wedding video to relive them. It felt like we missed out on a lot of what was going on around us because we were in our own little world that day. "

How sweet when a couple only has eyes for each other! This gorgeous wedding featured lots and lots of greenery, giving the venue a really enchanted look. We topped it off with an array of white and barely blush roses, hydrangeas, tulips and ranunculus.

Trang Vo