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Vanessa + Brian - Casa Real


It takes a bold couple to choose a vibrant autumn color scheme. And Brian and Vanessa are exactly that - vibrant and passionate and so much fun.  We got to know Brian and Vanessa through our consultation, email exchanges and on their wedding day. Read on to learn more. 

How did you and Brian meet?

Brian and I were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. She had been trying to get us to meet for months but we were both very reluctant. When Brian first called me to set up a date, I let him know that I was busy for the next 3 weeks so to try me next month. I know.... it seems like a brush off... but to my surprise, he did! A month later he called to set up a date... so we arranged to meet that very day in San Francisco for dinner. 

Me, being naturally suspicious of any man I'm meeting for the first time, invited my co-workers along to meet him. Brian was surprisingly good spirited about having 7 random strangers drilling him on his first date! We all ended up having a great time; Brian and I agreed to many more dates (this time solo) after that. :)

How did Brian propose?

On one of our first dates I had mentioned I'd always thought I'd be on-the-way to being married before I was 30. Already 27, I didn't see that happening. On July 26, 2015 my best friend was having a housewarming party. She had invited EVERYONE, including many of my family members (which was kind of suspicious). In the middle of the party, she brought out a cake for my "birthday". My birthday is July 28th. Under the cake were 6 colorful strings myself, and 5 other friends, were instructed to pull. I discovered a beautiful ring attached to my string when I pulled it out. Very confused.... I turned around and there was Brian on his knees in front of all our family and friends!

What was your vision for your wedding day?

Brian is very personable and loves being surrounded by family and friends. We both wanted a celebration that not only focused on us, but showed how much we appreciated our family and friends for all of their support. Fall is my favorite season; the colors, the smell of burning leaves, the flavors, and the warmth of loved ones getting ready for the holidays. It was the perfect setting, so we decided on the theme "A Warm Autumn Wedding". Doesn't that just sound cozy? 

Because many of our friends have children, we wanted them to be able to attend without the stress of having to leave their little ones behind; while at the same time, we wanted them to be able to attend and let loose! So we wanted to ha

What were your favorite moments from the wedding?

There was a point before the wedding, now forever known as "the quiet before the storm", where it was just me and one of my bridesmaids at the venue. Erin, my coordinator came into the bridal suite and asked if I wanted to take a look around before I started getting ready. Absolutely! There were so many times I wasn't sure how all the little pieces of my wedding would come together. 

When I first saw the reception room, I was floored. It was brilliant! It was everything I had envisioned, but not, at the same time.  My heart nearly stopped when we entered the ceremony room. The warm amber lights set against a forest of shadowed trees made the room feel foreign to what it used to be. The isle trailed with tea lights and podiums crowned with willow trees, crystals, purple/yellow calla lilies, and autumn florals. It truly was the warm autumn storybook I'd hope to create a year ago. 

Another favorite moment was when we noticed the crowd was scarce; we couldn't figure out where everyone had gone. Come to find, they were in the kids room! There was tug-o-war, dodgeball, a lego center, activity tables, laser tag, and a number of other things. It was beautiful chaos seeing all the adults having fun with the kids.

Thank you Vanessa & Brian for having us be part of your day and sharing your story with us! 

Trang Vo