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Love Under My Wings - Teaser

Every year, we pick our brains apart and pull from the deepest coffers of our creativity to come up with a new concept for our annual photography workshop collaboration. Last year, we were honored to work with the incredible Caroline Tran and her attendees, and the "Circle of Love" concept was born. Both meaningful and beautiful, it is so gratifying and humbling to see the "Circle of Love" well-received by so many couples, especially those who entered our giveaway

This year for the wonderful Tyler Rye workshop, the pressure was on for us to push the envelope even further. And after much planning and designing and anguish, and without further ado, I present to you our newest installation - "Love Under My Wings."

We find this new piece really symbolic. Wings envelope, wings protect, wings provide refuge. These wings embody a safe place, a place of love, but also help us transcend and fly. And we hope that our future couples love this stunning piece as much as we do.

This wing installation is mobile and serves as the perfect background for both the ceremony and sweetheart table. It's a beautiful way to display gorgeous flowers, whimsical greenery, and also graceful branches. As with anything new, we were so excited and nervous, as we didn't know how the final product would turn out. But thankfully, it turned out beautifully and the Tyler Rye workshop participants loved it! 

We are always looking for new ideas and design. If you have ideas for a new concept or installation, please let us know! We would be delighted to design the techniques and mechanics to turn those ideas into reality.

Thank you Cassie Xie for these pictures. Please stay tuned for more pictures and blog posts on the rest of this amazing workshop!

Trang Vo