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WINNER! Circle of Love Giveaway

I am absolutely floored by the overwhelming number of entries to our 'Circle of Love' Giveaway. Thank you so much everyone for entering, this really does mean so much to me. I feel so blessed and lucky to have read each and every single heartfelt love story and proposal, and I wish I could give each couple a small consolation prize. Before I announce the winner, I wanted to share a few sweet snippets from couples who did submit an entry, so you can see why it was so hard for me to pick a winner.

"To have the Circle of Love design on our wedding day would symbolize that our love is never ending. I know it may sound corny but we didn't really have the best start in our relationship as we were in a long distant relationship for about a year and half but we got through it."

"To have the 'Circle of Love' at our wedding would symbolize how our love has no beginning and no end, it is everlasting, eternal, and forever, in this life, our past lives, and the next."

"For us, the “circle of love” represents our relationship and our love for our family."

"I loved the circle of love the moment I saw it on instagram. I love the meaning behind the ring and it reminds me of John Legend's song All of Me where the lyrics say "you're my end and my beginning." It represents an infinite love that we both share for each other."

"Aside from the sheer beauty that is the “Circle of Love” arch I think that it also comes with such a deeper meaning for our wedding day. Standing in front of this beautiful arch would symbolize to us that our marriage is to be an ongoing cycle of receiving and giving love to one another, one that should not be broken even in the hardest of times. For me, the circle of love is so much more than just a beautiful prop or decoration for us to stand under on our big day. Instead, I hope that it can remind us of this promise to one another not only as we stand there on our wedding day, but also when we look back at photographs years down the road."

"The circle of love would not only make a stunning piece of art, but it would also symbolize the love in our relationship. It's a reflection of our relationship because no matter what we have, how much we have, or even how little we have, love will always be there to keep us going. There have been times in our relationship where we've had nothing and all odds were against us to fail, but we always had love to bring us back together and keep our relationship together."

Without further ado, I am so pleased to announce that the winning couple is Kayce S & Kenn H!!! The lucky couple will be holding their wedding in March 2017 at the gorgeous Kirigin Cellars. A note from the bride about their love story: "Kenny and I are high school sweethearts, we have been together for 5 years and engaged for 2. He proposed to me on home plate on his senior day for baseball in Iowa. The school ended up digging out home plate and giving it to us! We plan on getting married on it, which is why we wanted to have a circle arch, to keep the theme going!"

Congratulations to Kayce & Kenn. I am super looking forward to making your custom Circle of Love arch come to life for your wedding day. Again, thank you all who entered. I really wish I could have given you each an arch, but please follow us on on our site, FB/IG, and look out for future giveaways. 



Trang Vo