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Dieu + Ben - Hong Kong East Ocean


Sometimes when we are really lucky, one of our couples will become our good friends - and Dieu and Ben are exactly that. You may even recognize them from a number of our past photoshoots.

Ben and Dieu met in junior college and remained friends, but did not date until they were seniors at UC Davis. Unlike most couples, Ben and Dieu didn't have a typical proposal. Instead, they kept it really intimate and informal and the two lovebirds walked themselves to the nearest jewelry store to go ring shopping. Sometimes sweet and simple is best.

We are so lucky that Dieu and Ben specifically chose us for their special day. In Dieu's own words: "My vision for my big day was something fresh, romantic, and complementary to the sunset over the ocean at the venue we chose. We had a ceremony near the water and banquet inside a restaurant overlooking the water. I wanted to walk into the reception site surrounded by tons of flowers hanging from large vases." In keeping with that idea, we created a bright and cheery installation, inspired by sunshine over white sea foam - an intense yellow over a classic white. We used orchids, tulips, lilies, and roses to create a dramatic entrance for our bride.

And I think we really hit the mark! We asked Dieu about her favorite moment, and her reply: "I was holding my gorgeous bouquet and the doors opened for our grand entry... I was blown away by the flowers, colors, candles, as I made my way to the head table. Trang had made my dreams come true! I remember walking in and being so amazed at how she [Trang] had transformed a simple banquet room into a magical place. For a moment I forgot I was in the middle of my wedding. I remember whispering to Ben, 'It is so beautiful,' as we walked into the room."

That is quite possibly the sweetest compliment any one has ever paid us, and we are so lucky to have been part of Dieu and Ben's big day. Not to mention their lives! Ever since their big day, Dieu and Ben have accompanied us to several photoshoots and wedding setups, and we have remained good friends even as they've moved far from us. We wish them the best of lucky in all their future endeavors, and couldn't thank our lucky stars enough for bringing them to us.

Reception: Hong Kong East Ocean | Photography: Avec L'Amour



Trang Vo