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Bridgette + Jeremy - Bentley Reserve


The Bently Reserve, a former Federal Reserve Bank site in FiDi, is one of those iconic venues in San Francisco. With its tall doric columns, soaring ceilings, marble floors and nods to another roaring time, it's an opulent venue for couples who want to make a big statement, like our next lovely couple - Jeremy and Bridgette.

I love their proposal story. Jeremy apparently has a large collection of sneakers, and as a result, a large collection of shoe boxes. One summer day, they decide to do a double dinner date with Jeremy's brother and his wife. Jeremy hands Bridgette an orange Nike shoe box, and inside was - you guessed it - a ring box! Dinner was at the same place where they had their first date, and all of their close friends and family were there to greet and congratulate them. The very next day, the lovebirds flew to Seattle, Bridgette's hometown, to spend the next few days celebrating with more friends and family. What a sweet story!

Jeremy and Bridgette both work in the restaurant industry, and love food, drink and entertaining, so of course they wanted to throw an amazing party where guests would be eating and drinking and enjoying themselves from the moment they arrive to when the last song played. Being food connoisseurs, they were particular about a venue that would allow outside catering. The Bently Reserve was the perfect spot. Bridgette described it in her own words for us: "We fell in love with the Bently Reserve, which was beautiful on its own and needed no dressing up. It was dramatic and felt formal. The history of that space, the beautiful chandlers and marble - we were in love. Since we both work in the restaurant and service industry, food and beverage were extremely important, we wanted a place we could cater ourselves. This was the perfect location. 

In describing her vision for the wedding, Bridgette, "Wanted a formal wedding with simple, classic, and chic details. From the plates and glassware, the floral, to the colors  - that is what I kept thinking about - simple, classic, chic. From the personalize menus and seating charts on the large vintage mirrors, I wanted every last detail to be unique and special."  In line with Bridgette's vision, we kept the florals classic white and chic. Clusters of white roses, lilies, orchids, tulips, and dahlias lined the space, and stood out against the gold-toned glow of the room. The whole effect was greater than the sum of its parts, and we were so honored to be part of Bridgette's vision.


Photographer: Kevin Chin | Venue: Bently Reserve | 

Trang Vo