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Trang + Brad - Club Auto Sport - Part I

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We had the fortune of meeting our next couple through their sister, who was also one of my brides a few years back. It makes me so happy when I get to work with the same family and rekindle that relationship again. Trang and Brad met through mutual friends and dated for 6 years before Brad proposed in Hawaii. It's so rare to hear the proposal story from the groom, but Brad was more than happy to share with us their story:

"Trang does not like surprises, and is a master at unraveling them before they happen. In the planning of the proposal, I wanted to make sure I found a way to succeed at a surprise for once. I figured the best way to hide a surprise was within another surprise. 

Being that Hawaii is a favorite vacation spot for Trang, I decided to surprise her with a trip during the holidays. Only family members knew of the trip, as Trang was informed to just pack her bags the day before we left. This left little opportunity for Trang to figure out the surprise destination, and more importantly the proposal.

With a successful surprise trip to Hawaii in play, the proposal was up next. The warm water and perfect weather was a great distraction from the ring hiding in the room. A couple days passed on our trip, and this helped fuel the speculation that maybe this was truly just a surprise vacation. As the big night arrived, I made dinner plans at an excellent sushi spot by the water. Close access to the beach was important for the final surprise. 

The sun had fallen and the moon was shining as we left dinner. On our stroll back there was a small walkway leading to the beach. Asking Trang to join me for a walk on the beach I quietly prepared for the big question. Walking along the waves I got down on one knee and asked Trang to marry me. At just the same time it started to rain on us and made it an amazing feeling to hear the words so important to me…'Yes'."

What a romantic story! We love surprises as much as anyone, and it was so sweet being told from Brad's perspective.

In planning for the wedding, Trang and Brad chose a vibrant magenta color scheme: "We both wanted the wedding to be grand, radiant and full of purple phalaenopsis orchids which represent joy, happiness, love, beauty and reminded us of Hawaii where our proposal took place." And what the bride and groom want, the bride and groom get! We decked out the San Jose Club Auto Sport garden with a row of bright purple phal orchids, hydrangeas, roses and dahlias. This vibrant color scheme was also found in flower girl purse and bouquets, which continued the theme with the addition of anemones and ranunculus.  

Please stay tuned for Part 2 to see more details about the reception and the bride and groom's wedding day highlights!


Venue: Club Auto Sport | Photography: Vinh Nguyen

Trang Vo