Vo Floral Design


Nghi + Chris - Paradise Ballroom


One of the biggest compliments we can get in the wedding industry is when a bride or groom or guest comments on how smoothly a wedding goes. Behind the scenes, the last few hours of setup can be intense and hectic, and it takes experienced vendors to make it all happen. We love working with an experienced team of vendors, and for this wedding we were blessed with an exceptional one.

Nghi and Chris held their wedding at the Paradise Ballroom in Fremont. Both the ceremony and reception took place in the same room, which meant that our team had to quickly turn the space between events while guests had cocktails. With only 30 minutes to do so, all vendors were all hands on deck to make the bride and groom's dreams came true. And it sure did turn out like a dream. 

We created a gorgeous aisle for the bride and groom to define the space and altar. This pink-blush color palette is classic and feminine, and we pulled it off with the help of gorgeous in-season cafe au lait dahlias, roses, stalk and hydrangeas. These lush pieces were further decked out with crystals and beads, and placed on glass pedestals for that extra glam factor. For additional wow and extravagance, each pedestal rested on a bed of rose petals, which gave off a soft and fragrant perfume.

For the round banquet tables, we also created tall manzanita pieces and scattered orchids across the branches. It was reminiscent of an enchanted forest - ethereal and full of wonderment.

Huge thanks to all the vendors who helped at this wedding, especially the Fine Linen Creation team. One of the best decisions a bride/groom can make in choosing vendors - is making to sure to choose experienced and professional vendors. I cannot stress enough how important that is when it comes down to these high-pressure and time-sensitive situations, where it takes quick thinking, experience and a level head to execute a vision. An experienced team of vendors will always make it look easy and effortless, despite what happens behind the scenes. There is nothing that makes us happier than when we do a good job and the bride and groom and guests are none the wiser. Please feel free to reach out with inquiries but also for open discussions and advice on vendors and other wedding planning tips.