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Green and White Holiday Party


It makes me so happy when brides trust me enough to recommend to their friends and extended networks. In this case, I was introduced to Dijeau Potage Construction (DPC) by a former bride, and ever since, I have been their go-to for event design. Last summer, I helped decorate their annual company picnic, and was contacted again to help with their holiday party. And boy let me tell you, they know how to throw a stylish party.

The event planners for DPC requested a green and white theme, so I selected white and green garden roses, tulips, roses, cotton flowers, and varieties of succulents and air plants to adorn the lounge of the trendy Chambers in San Francisco. 

To anchor the space, we also created 2 tall manzanita centerpieces where we hung glass ornaments filled with air plants along with blooms and greenery. The end result was fun and stylish, and almost evoked a California coastal woodland with all the branches and sea foam colored plants.

I love holiday parties - everyone is in such a joyous and festive holiday spirit. And secretly, I love designing holiday events as it gives me the opportunity to experiment with different themes and designs beyond just wedding events. Hope your holiday season and cheer continue well into the new year!